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NameCatch® is a free expired domain sorting tool for domainers.
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How NameCatch can help you, the domainer:

1. You can save time

We make things easier by combining all expired domains from websites such as SnapNames.com, NameJet.com and GoDaddy.com into one big list. This way you don't need to visit each website to make a keyword search.

2. You can find dictionary domains easier

We pre search dictionary domains and word patterns such as CVCV (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel) daily and assign each to a different button. All you need to do is to click a single button on the home page. For instance if you click on the 'English' button, it will return expiring English dictionary domains.

High quality English dictionary domains rarely expire in the .COM extension. With dictionary domains we suggest that you check out other extensions such as .CA, .NET and .TV as well.

3. You can be more focused and organised

Because high volume instant bulk search is now possible, you can spend some time researching for good keywords and domain terms and create your own lists. Instead randomly browsing expired domains that are available at the moment, you can create your own big list of domains that you want and find them as they become available over time.

4. You can monitor domains

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't need to check any domain website continuously but still get notified if a domain you are interested in expires and goes to auction? With our free domain monitoring service you can.

There are other domain monitoring services out there which depend on whois changes. They will notify you if the whois status of a domain changes. For instance if a domain enters pending delete you will get notified 5 days before it drops. However two thirds of all expired domains are auctioned during pre release, over a month before they enter pending delete. Only if they are not taken during pre-release, then they will reach pending delete. You can read below what pre-release and pending delete means.

A reliable domain monitoring service should monitor all pre-release auctions, no matter on what website the domain is auctioned. NameCatch does exactly that. We scan auction lists. Therefore we are able to monitor both 'pre release' and 'pending deletes' expired domains.

How often should you visit NameCatch?

Every 4 days is a good idea. This will ensure that you don't miss out on some domains, especially pending delete domains which are listed only for 5 days on any website.

Confused by domain terms?

Here are easy to understand descriptions of two common domain terms related to expired domains:

What is Pre Release?

These are expired partner registrar domains that are available only on one website. Pre-release domains don't need to be caught because they are already in the auction system. These domains are auctioned only at a specific site depending on the registrar. For instance all expired Moniker domains are auctioned at Snapnames. All expired Enom domains are auctioned at Namejet. NameCatch lists domains from all major pre-release auction sites.

When a domain expires it is auto renewed by the registry (Verisign for .com and .net) for 45 days. This was designed to give a chance to the original owner to renew his domain after expiry. However it is used by the registrars to auction the domains. Some registrars auction domains on their site, like Godaddy and Dynadot. Some registrars send domains to their partner auction house. For instance Network Solution sends their expired domains to Namejet. Expired domains that are auctioned while still under control of the registrar are known as Pre Release.

Because pre-release domains never actually drop, they maintain their original creation date. For instance a 10 year old expiring domain that goes to pre-release auction will maintain it's age after the auction. Pre-release domains are also known as "expiring" domains.

Pre Release domain listed at NameCatch:

  • Godaddy.com (regular expired domains)
  • Godaddy.com Closeouts (last chance, buy now domains)
  • Dynadot.com Pre-Release
  • SnapNames.com Pre-Release
  • NameJet.com Pre-Release

What is Pending Delete?

These are domains that will drop and become available to re-register. They need to be caught by a dropcatching service the moment they drop. We link you to SnapNames.com which is the most successful dropcatcher.

There is also expired .ca domains and we link users to the sibername.com website to backorder them. Another site to backorder .ca domains is pool.com, however they don't have domain detail pages to link to. Therefore we can't link to them for backorders.

Since pending delete domains drop, their new creation date will be the date they were re-registered. For instance a 10 year old domain that dropped today and caught by a dropcatcher like snapnames.com, will become a brand new domain that is registered today. Pending delete domains are also known as "dropping" or "deleting" domains.

Pending Delete domains listed at NameCatch:

  • SnapNames.com Pending Delete
  • NameJet.com Pending Delete
  • Cira.ca Pending Delete (To Be Released TBR .CA domains)